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About Author


     My old friends and relatives from the North End of Flint Michigan would be the first to tell you that Chuck Rosa :"the man" is the last person that they expected to write a book about winning souls to Jesus Christ. That is exactly why I wrote this book. If Chuck Rosa can become a Christian and be  telling others about Jesus, any one can.

      I was born in Flint Michigan in 1942. I was raised in a non Christian home by my mom a housewife and dad a U.S Navy veteran. At the age of 11 I was saved at a Baptist church camp at Port Hope Michigan. I went to Northern High school and attended U.O.M. for a short time. During High school I gained a reputation of liking to fight and drive fast cars. I was a regular Fonz grease monkey. I had a sign on the dash board of my 59 Chevrolet Convertible that said any one caught slamming the door will be taken care of by "the man." At the age of 21 I got married to my first wife and we had 3 great wonderful children that I am very proud of. They gave me 10 grandchildren. I worked at Buick Motor Division in Flint about 8 years. I was a district committeeman over the trucking department when I quit in 72. I went into the excavating business with Jesse Gargus who was solely influential for my return to Jesus that I had left a few months after accepting him in 1956.

      My wild child hood continued on through my marriage and my self centered immaturity cost me the marriage. The shock of that failure brought me to my senses. Jesse broke up the business and this was the last straw. I had known that Jesse was a member of Faith Tabernacle Church. I asked him what time was church and where? The first Sunday I attended that church was the  end of my old life and the beginning of a wonderful (37 year so far)  journey. The rest of my life will be told in this real life time book of Wild West Soul Winning..


Chuck and wife Jane

Blessing of the fleet in Texas

Fishing out on the Ocean is a very dangerous job. Women lit candles in the upstairs windows of their homes facing the sea so that the fishermen could see their way home. As the fishing season starts it has been a tradition for the fishing fleet to be blessed by the local minister so that the men would get a good catch and return home safe. In this photo the author Chuck Rosa and his wife Jane are blessing the fleet in Kehma Texas

 left to right. Chuck, a local retiring priest and the mayor of Khema.



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